Access With… Join Us Live at Radar

If you hadn’t already guessed by the name, ‘Access With…’ is a new way for curious folk to get involved with the Radar fam. Fans of our shows have the chance to be part of a physical audience, as we open our doors to the public – but obviously you have to RSVP (do you want to move twenty chairs up a flight of stairs? [pls don’t actually hit us up saying yes]).

Radar DJs Martha, Kenny Allstar and Jack Dat have all agreed to take part, and are set to bring through extended line-ups for their ‘Access With…’ shows.

Martha, aka Annie Nightingale’s producer and all round music maven, sets things off on the 16th of June. Mixing alongside her will be fellow Radar gang, all-girl techno collective SIREN. It’s never easy to boast, but we’re writing this and they aren’t. Kenny Allstar clearly still craved the grey rain of London after smashing Poland with Stormzy a few weeks back, and will be joined by Yung Reeks, Little Torment and Capo Lee – June 21st Forecast: heavy with a high chance of shells. Last but not least is Jack Dat. His Radar tee’s probably rubbed up against more nasty ass train seats than anyone else’s. It wouldn’t be a Radar event without a little mystery, so Jack’s keeping shtum on his guests for the 27th of June (read: hasn’t confirmed them yet).

If you want to be part of the audience, Snapchatting quietly in the back or prepped at the front ready to kick out tramps who offer MCs condoms – if you came Old Street you’d know – email us your name and contact details to & put whichever DJ’s applicable in the subject line: Jack Dat, Kenny Allstar or Martha.

Places will be first come first served so get on it quickly and pick which show you’d like to come down for. Only pick one, so make it your favourite.


16th June 6-8PM : Martha w/ SIREN

21st June 4-6PM: Kenny Allstar w/ Yung Reeks, Little Torment & Capo Lee

27th June Jack Dat – FULL, DON’T EMAIL.

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