Catching up with Cherrie: the Swede who tapped up Stormzy

Last week, a rare international collaboration took place. Croydon met Scandinavia, as the Somali made, Finnish raised and Sweden based singer Cherrie Hersi dropped a track featuring the Ghanaian made, London born Stormzy: ‘Aldrig Igen (Må Sådär)‘ – or Never Again (Feel Like That) in English.

I’ve been rinsing ‘Aldrig Igen’ out listening to it on loop for almost a week now and Cherries last single ‘Tabanja‘, Swedish slang for the word gun, was just as catchy and came with a haunting black and white visual which was shot in the Rinkeby district of Stockholm. Also, her SoundCloud page is full of lovely little gems like ‘Ja Vet Ni Vet‘ which features Swedish-American artist Mapei.

Tipped as one of Sweden’s “ones to watch,” I caught up with the beautiful up-and-coming singer/songwriter for a quick chat about her new song.

How did the collaboration come about?

Basically, Stormzy had a small Swedish tour through the same booking agent as me. My manager met Stormzy and Tobe (his manager) and played them a couple of my tracks. They liked it, especially ‘Aldrig Igen’. We were all at the studio the day before his show, just listening to music, beats and whatnot. Then, on the day of this show, I was asked to be a special guest. After that, we just stayed in touch – me, him, his manager, my manager and the people around us. ‘Aldrig Igen’ was one of the songs that he really loved, he was like “can I have that song,” and was actually listening to it [at] home. That’s why I asked if he wanted to do it together. He said “OK,” I flew out to England, and we recorded it at Redbull Studios in London. Stormzy and his people are definitely the best crew we’ve ever connected with.

How was it working with Stormzy?

It felt amazing. I think the most exciting part was that he fell in love with the song way before I released it, like last year. It was kinda crazy for me ’cause he doesn’t understand Swedish, but he still got the concept and what the energy was about. He had the unreleased song when he went home, before I asked him “do you wanna do this with me?” So, he was very happy and excited to do it. And of course, it feels amazing to bring two countries and two voices together and make it work.

Any plans for the two of you to work together again in the future?

I feel like him, his team and my team have all become good friends in such a short amount of time… I know he’ll probably be back in Sweden for shows, or to record his own music. We haven’t talked about it, but I don’t think it’s impossible. I don’t know; maybe next time I can do it in English.

Are there any other British rappers or Grime artists out here that you’ve got your eye on?

Yeah of course. UK music is kinda new to the crowd out here, but I’ve been listening for a while now. I’m into Section Boyz, I think they’re really dope. And of course, Skepta. I sing r’n’b, so I’ve always liked Angel as well. There’s a couple more, and it’s not very new to me at all, because I lived in London for a while. I’ve been listening to a lot of MCs since way back, I feel like the music is more real in England than the states. I look at it like England’s closer to home. If it’s not the UK then it’s France.

You briefly mentioned singing in English, will we be hearing anything soon?

Well, right now I’m releasing my debut album SHERIHAN, which is in Swedish. The plan is to slowly ease into it. So maybe once that’s out – but it’s definitely one of my big goals to do an entire project in English.

Lastly, are we gonna be seeing you live in London some time soon?

I don’t know, I don’t have anything planned yet but I would definitely love to and hopefully soon.

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