Radio Regulations w/ Lué:B

East London’s Lué:B hosts the Long Live Lué:B show on Radar from 4-6pm every Wednesday. The show immerses itself in street culture and underground music, with a hint of electronic flavours. Expect to hear myriad of sounds: from Shogun Audio, to Soulection, to High Focus, to grime, hip-hop, trap… “F genres! It’s all about the music. Long live good music.”

Lué runs a London based rap party called The Blackjack Club, a label called Digitally Disturbed Audio and dabbles in digital marketing and journalism, “since DJs make the best music journalists,” he says. If you’re after a source for new music with an authentic host, a real mix of sounds and interviews with emerging artists, this is the show for you. “If you’re after celebrity gossip, or fake industry friend stuff, then you’re better off listening to someone else, or going on YouTube. My show’s about the music.”