Marshal Darling

Next Show: "Marshal Darling", starts on Sunday, 05/Feb/2017 10:00 am.

From Hampshire but currently living in Stoke Newington, Marshal Darling likes there to be a journey in his shows. The first half is more soulful and melodic, ranging from 70-100bpm; with a lot of old (and new) hip-hop, jazz, soul, funk and boogie – from Tribe Called Quest to Johnny Guitar Watson. In the second half he moves to more dancefloor focused soul, think Moodymann to Fela Kuti.

Other than Radar, Marshal holds a monthly residency at The Haggerston with his two best friends, Joe and Dave, called Cooking With Sherry. He also produces under the alias Rosa Dashwood’s Quartet and is hoping to start his own vinyl label. Tune in if you’re a fan of the old, new, and underplayed classics.