NANG Selection w/ Ralph Hardy

Next Show: "NANG Selection w/ Ralph Hardy", starts on Thursday, 28/Sep/2017 01:00 pm.

Ralph Hardy is the man behind the NANG Selection show, coming to Radar from London by way of Utopia. You’ll be hearing “alternative new grooves, beautifully eclectic blends and anything good within a 71-160BPM radius.” On Thursdays, the show is a look into Ralph’s catalogue, and on Friday, it’s the same, but with the weekend come-up in mind.

Ralph consults with artists on upcoming projects and hosts events too, like the live child #19HOWLONG, the chilled sibling #COTCH and the first born, NANG raves. The show is curated to feel like “we’re your bredrins in your earphones giving humorous musings whilst on the way to pick up the little one, or on your lunch break, or to accompany your afternoon zoot roll.” NANG’s a mid-day specialist show, so expect to be “taken back to a place you’ve never been before, but sounds familiar.”